Tonight's blog post is fuelled by a freshly infused dose of morphine so I apologize if it's wandery or flighty...

Today was a better day. Not fantastic, but better, and after yesterday, I'll take better.

We managed to get by on less morphine today, so that's a step in the right direction.

The pain was a little less awful, so also good.

Time has made a few things clearer too which helps.

My blood work now clearly shows that I am fighting an infection. This confirms that I am very likely fighting an internal infection where my feeding tube is - likely inside the stomach itself.
They feel I probably have an ulcer (or possibly a few) caused by the tube and the infection.

This is actually good news. I am already being treated for the infection and the antibiotics should kick in soon. They started IV meds for an ulcer today and expect them to work in the next few days.

So fingers crossed.

I had another round of plasmapheresis today, so we're well on our way - next one is Saturday morning.

Monday morning I get transferred to the other hospital in town to have my fancy tunneled 'hickman' central line placed (they call it a 'cooks catheter'?) in my heart.

we're slowly making progress towards home.

The family is doing good... Dave is getting stuff done around the house, the boys are thrilled to have dad to themselves, and I am certain this leave from work is going to be the best thing that we could have done... our whole family needed it.

I have had loads of visitors which is absolutely wonderful - even the quick visits really help break up the monotony of hte day here and just make it easier. :)

It's going to snow tonight, and even now, at 28, I get giddy when it snows! :)

well Im off to sleep.

thanks for checking,



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