Well it's time to dust off the keyboard and rejoin the land of the living I think!

Just a quick update for now - I will try to keep this somewhat updated for family/friends.

Things here are going fairly well.  I had a few incidental hospital admissions this year but other than the meningitis in January, I haven't been really SICK for a while now.

I started Methotrexate (chemotherapy drug) about 8 weeks ago now, and it is safe to say at this point my 'better' state is because of the Methotrexate - this is awesome as the side effects, so far, are not prohibitive. This is the first drug we have found even a bit of a balance - they have all worked on my disease, but the side effects were too extreme.  So far so good....

We just got back from an impromptu, budget-vacation to Minneapolis last week - it was exactly what we needed - a family escape, just the 4 of us, with us all well...  It was awesome - we just had loads of fun the entire time!

The boys are doing very well - aside from some anxiety around mom disappearing (I can't even reassure him - 3 times this year already the poor kid has either gone to bed, or gone to school, only to wake up/come home and find mom gone to the hospital for days or weeks).  But they are working through it pretty well and we're hoping things will settle down once summer gets here and they get to spend all day long with me - they will be begging for an admission by July I'm sure!

So that's that...

It's all a bit surreal - I don't remember how to not be 'sick'...  After 2 years of the 'lets figure out how to survive the week' mindset, I have no idea what to do with myself now that it's not such a focus...  I find myself thinking about things (the future - my 'career' down the road - whether we want more kids - what we want to do next winter...) that I haven't had the luxury of thinking about in almost 24 months... it's really unfamiliar and a bit hard to get used to...  But it's definitely wonderful.

So - Here's hoping this didn't jinx it - it's always such a very fine, delicate balance when things are good - it's so so easy to upset it.

Fingers Crossed...

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