Well for a day that started off VERY painfully, today turned out not too bad for a Saturday in the hospital.

Unfortunately the pain is still a major problem. And also unfortunately, since it's a weekend now, and doctors seem to turn into pumpkins from Friday night to Monday morning, there's really not much to be done about it but throw more morphine at it and wait till Monday.

Thankfully they are agressive on the pain control front, so I am comfortable. A little too comfortable probably, but hey - I'll take it.

My parents came for a lunch date today and we had a great visit! They bought me sushi and I had my requisite 2 bites which where of course glorious.

My good friend Erin and her little boys and her mom came for a visit afterwards which was wonderful! I havent seen them in so long and it was awesome to catch up! :)

As they were leaving my good friend DD showed up with my long promised cheeseburger!! My 2 bites of that were also glorious and DD and I had a GREAT visit - did our nails and got all girly - it was exactly what I needed this afternoon :)

Now it's 6, and I'm settling in for the evening, and feeling fairly positive about everything (again - might be the morphine... but i'll take it)... It was a very nice day with lots of reminders of how many people out there are supporting us at a tough time. We are a lucky family.

Tommorrow should be quiet - my uncle will be coming for a visit and I havent seen him in ages, so I'm excited about that!

otherwise i will lay low and gear up for my line placement on Monday morning. (and the hissy fit I plan to have again over this pain and the lack of improvement...)

So that's that.

A good day. :)

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