Alright - Tonights update is going to be a little different - a quick bit about me, and then some bragging time about the boys. Not enough kid-action on this blog.


1. I tested positive for a staph infection at the Jtube site. It's internal, likely an abcess in my stomach or the tube track. While any infection on all these immunesuppresants is not great, it is an explanation for the ongoing pain and morphine need, so that at least is good. They started Rocephin (big time antibiotic) and expect things to improve in the next 48 hours.

2. Today was lovely - lots of visitors which made the day go by quickly.

3. Tommorrow Dave will be going to his last day of work until the new year. He will be going on EI's Compassionate Care Benifits - the gov't will give him 50% his wage for 6 weeks to help support and care for a gravely ill family member. It is a MASSIVE pay cut but we have some savings and think we can coast until after Christmas. We hate to eat up our savings but that's what their for. This will be VERY nice for us as far as child care, and support for me when I get home. I am very excited about having my husband home full time for the next 8 weeks (there is a 2 week waiting period for the EI benefits, so it's 8 weeks total).

That's all that's new in my world. I should start plasmapheresis tommorrow, and the week will be spent doing that. My tunneled central line will be placed (this is a TPN line that they will put in below my collar bone and will run into my heart) on Thursday. Otherwise we will just be spending the week muddling through treatment and hoping this infection clears.

Now - On to Part 2 - The Boys!!!

The boys are doing fabulously right now. I cannot say how wonderful it is to say that.
Dave and the boys have mostly set up camp at my parents house - partly for the extra help, and partly for the support of family. As such the boys have been very comfortably settled in their routines, and my being in hospital for 2 months has had little effect on their day to day life.

Tyler: Kindergarden is going great - he LOVES school completely and without reservation. Everyone is his friend, everything is his favorite class, and every story is the best. He is just so full of love and excitement for everything he does, it's hard not to be happy around the boy!! It's been so awesome to see this little person emerge as he grows and learns.

Brandon: Grade 3 is going very well. He is on the brink of reading - and is able to sound out small words and recognize many by sight. He is a little behind his classmates, but not too far, and is learning steadily! He is getting stronger all the time, and has grown like a weed this fall! Health wise he is the most stable we have ever seen him... it's such a blessing to see him doing so so well!! He has turned into a VERY demanding and stubborn boy - and I say this not in a negative way for I feel strongly that it will be these personality traits that serve him best in the future. He balances it well with an obscene amount of patience, which again will be a VERY helpful trait to have given the challenges he will face as he grows up. His personality is shining through with all the health and stability and he is really just a totally cool little guy. :)

I cannot wait to get home, and be with my family for the holidays. We have lots of little plans for the season - some old traditions, and some new ones we will be trying on for size. We have a birthday party to plan for Brandon, and we are eagerly awaiting the snow so Dave and the boys can get the skidoo running again.

I know the Mayo Clinic trip will take me away from my family and home for likely a week in the middle of all this and I don't like that idea, but so it goes. I do look forward to what they have to offer us, so it will be worth it.

In the meantime we will soak up every day we can until Dave has to go back to work, and I am hopefully more stable and adjusted to our 'new normal'.

Tonight I am looking forward, and I like what I see.

Thanks for checking,



  1. Keely, been thinking about you a lot this week. So SO happy to hear that the boys are doing well right now! How cool that Brandon is on the cusp of reading...what an amazing development that opens up so much in the world!! And that is so great that your husband will be able to take off work the next 2 months...that will be a huge help and weight off your shoulders, I am sure.

    You are always in my thoughts...


  2. I love your attitude Keely - but I especially love the news and update on the boys! I am so glad to hear that all is well and stable in their world, especially with Brandon's health.

    Terri Tumack

  3. WOW, great update! So good to see the boys doing so well with school and their health. I cant believe youve been inpatient for 2 months :( thats such a long time without normalcy and your family. Im excited to read youll have a lot of help when you get home though, a good way to reconnect with your husband! I agree with Terri--after all you go through, you continue to do your best keep a positive attitude. Praying everything goes smoothly so you get home soon. HUGS and always prayers--
    Heidi & Jack.


  4. Love reading the boys are doing great...I've wondered how they've handled your absence.
    It's great Dave will be home to help you. A perfect chance for some much needed family togetherness!! Continued prayers for you, the boys and Dave!!

    Cheryl and Bricen

  5. Keely,

    I am so happy that your husband could get that time off, and that your kids are doing well!

    I think of you a lot, as I struggle with my health somedays, and hope you will soon be going home.



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