Today was productive.

The hospital is full so I was number 15 on a list of people waiting in the ER for a room upstairs. Apparently being immune comprimised gets thee a priority spot though as I'm told I will have a room tonite (as opposed to the 4 day wait that was initially anticipated) so that's a perk.

In spite of being in the ER much was still accomplished. Hematology/oncology (the folks who treat my autoimmune disease) came by and based on my blood pressure and heart findings everyone seems to agree I have relapsed.

This was not unexpected, but we all hoped I'd get more time before it happened. So it goes.

They will place a VasCath central line in my neck tomorrow and start another round of plasmapheresis to get that under control.

At this point we really don't know how much of the relapse is responsible for the gut and how much is just permenant gut damage. I haven't seen GI yet - they should be by this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Likely to start TPN again. Time will tell how much gut function I will get back and how much is just beyond repair at this point. (Or will need more time or Mayo Clinic magic to fix).

So that's today's update - some plans in place which is good.

I have decided to very stubbornly stay positive. I am confident this will work, my immune suppressant drug will kick in soon, and by December I will be home and healthy and strong and the boys will continue to thrive and only good things are in store for our family from here on out. It's time for good stuff and I and going to simply expect no less from here out.

I have faith that this will go well and things are getting better.


  1. UGH. I was hoping you'd be stable for longer time - start with a week though.
    I presume you'll be flying to MC?
    I wish too I could do more, Keely.
    You'd shout if there is anything you or family needed, right??! :-}


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