Well my cheeseburger lunchdate was unable to make it today (though she will be here tommorrow with the goods in tow I'm told!), but the day was rescued when Dave and the boys showed up for a dinner date with me with (you guessed it) a cheeseburger! 3 bites were all I needed to quiet the craving... I paid for them, but boy were they worth it.

Mostly though I enjoyed a full hour of visiting with my boys!! They were happy little ducks - on their way to a hockey game with Grandma Linda and dad. I'm a bit sad tonight - I got the tickets over a month ago, kind of as something to look forward to when I got out of the hospital - I distinctly remember thinking 'theres NO WAY I'll still be here on Nov 12th'... phhht.
But - Hockey games are among Brandon's favorite events to go to and it's awfully hard to stay sad when I got to see how COMPLETELY stoked he was about going!! Both the boys were pretty excited, and I really hope the night is as much fun as it promises to be! Plus Grandma Linda LOVES hockey games, so I'm sure my ticket will be duley appreciated.

Just to double up on the dissapointment, tommorrow is our Firehall Social - we have been looking forward to this social pretty much since last year when the '09 social finished up and we were driving home at the end of the night. The past few months we have been very excited about our 'date night' - we wrangled child care, and it was a chance to go out, as a couple, with friends from town, and just relax and have fun. The past 2 months it has also been a 'treat' for when I was finally out of this place.
I still planned to go, i figured i'd get a pass from teh hospital for the night.
It's clear however that I cannot go. I am on SO many IV meds, and im still in so much pain and just so sick that a pass is out of the question and honestly I suspect the drive out to town alone would be too much for me.

Im so dissapointed in my body at the moment. I know it's 'just' a social and there will be one next year etc... but still. I really wanted to be there. Dave wanted me there. our friends wanted me there. and instead I will be here. ~sigh~

That's my pity party for the night. I guess I'm allowed to gripe about the petty stuff now and again.

On the plus side I have started a new blog - I've had several friends suggest I blog my morphine riddled ramblings (often late night facebook musings) so I finally caved and started a new blog: www.hospitalaquireddragons.blogspot.com
It's mostly medical-free, and just my brain on drugs basically... which im told is a little scary.

thanks for checking!



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