Today was not a good day.
Too much pain, and no real answer as to why. Lots of morphine that didn't quite work as well as it should have.
Plasmapheresis was delayed a day because too many people at the other hospital in town needed it today and the techs were unavailable until tommorrow. So pretty must spent the day hurting and getting nothing accomplished.
Oh well.
I'm too sore and tired to really care tonight.
We are hoping the pain is from the Jtube infection. We will know tommorrow as the antibiotics will be in full swing and if I'm not in any better shape by then then they will do a CT to figure out what the heck is going on.

Best case scenario it's all from the infection and by the AM I will be worlds better and life will go on.

Fingers crossed.

I wanted to do a nice witty blog post tonight but i'm too beat - so this is all you get.

Hopefully tommorrow will be better.

Night folks,



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