Well after weeks of pain and increasing morphine doses and test after test coming back normal with no explanation for the pain the docs decided we had to pull the feeding tube and let it heal and start over. (ugh!)

At my insistence they agree to at least TRY a different type of tube (there are different styles of feeding tubes - some are held inside the stomach with a 'coil' in the tubing (that's what I had) and others are held in the stomach with a balloon filled with water.

Friday morning I went to the IR suite and had a ballon style Mickey Transgastric Jejunostomy tube placed and 6 hours after the surgery it was very clear that was our answer - the pain is GONE and continues to be GONE today even with rapidly decreasing doses of morphine.

So that's the good news of the week!

Now we are just waiting on me getting trained to do the TPN at home then I will be out of here!!

Unfortunately there have been staffing changes etc with the home TPN crew so they aren't really sure when they will be able to train me at this point. They are hoping this week but it may not happen till next... which is supremely discouraging.

But - I can at least start going home on day passes, and coming back for TPN overnight. We will see how the week plays out.

Things are looking up :)


  1. Figuring out and replacing the pain causing tube is the best news I have heard all week! Congratulations and you should continue to feel better and better and spend more and more time at home with your boys!!


  2. Hoping you can get daypasses and get home soon.



  3. WTG! Advocating and bein' smarter than the docs ~ despite the food...maybe you can get day passes on Olga's schedule, eh?! Come back forthe good stuff ;-D

    Kelly L

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