As promised - more pictures.

Tonite the boys decided to be firemen before bed... They both have more firefighter helmets, firegear, firetrucks, and general fireman paraphanalia than any children I know. Brandon even has a full set of honest to goodness, used, Turnout Gear hanging on his wall with his real Deputy Fire Chief helmet... they are serious fans of the firefighters.

And of course their helmets coordinate with the blue jailbird jammies....

They do this quite regularily together - and their games get quite involved... tonite they were rescuing the cat from a burning building apparently. The cat wanted nothing to do with it.

At bedtime Brandon requested that I take some pictures of Mr Bear...

Mr. Bear has been with us for some time. He was MY bear as a child (the date of manufacture is indeed 1982!) and was well loved by the time it got to Brandon... since Brandon claimed him, Mr Bear has been repaired many times, is bare in many places, and has seen the inside of more operating rooms than most grown men... he has been around. But, in Brandons eyes, he's still Mr. Bear and we all love him for the comfort he brings our boy.

This one needs no explanation - this is a tough smile to catch on film as Brandon rarely sits still long enough to get it... Just had to share!


  1. Oh my word, those are the cutest boys!! LOVE the pics...especially that last one. Such a darling smile.


  2. Just checking up on you guys, love the pics of the boys, such sweet smile Brandon! :) Missing p2p! I hope all is well at your end tonight, hugs to the boys-

    Heidi & Jack


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