Saturdays are pretty low key around here.... This morning the boys enjoyed our newly resubscribed sattelite service (in a moment of insanity I cancelled our service in the summer... once the snow hit the ground i quickly realised that was not going to fly through the winter... amazing how stir crazy 2 boys can get when they cant go outside to play!).
And by 'enjoy our sattelite service' I of course mean they horsed around endlessly on the couch while mom and dad guzzled coffee like it was going out of style.

Left to their own devices, the boys are pretty self sufficient when it comes to entertaining themselves... even without the sattelite they are quite happy to find ways of keeping busy.... Today there was an ad hoc game of hide and seek... unfortunately our house sucks when it comes to hide and seek, and the ONLY place to hide on the main floor is behind the treadmill... still... they managed to act surprised the dozen or so times they found eachother there.

When it comes to the mornings we lucked out with our boys... they rarely wake up before 730am, and when they do their usually very low key and happy to just hang out and read or watch cartoons until about 8am or so... at that point they start threatening a mutiny if they dont get food, but up until 8am their golden!

This of course is Bobby Joe. Bobby Joe is our bearded dragon - we inherited him from a good friend and he has fit seamlessly into our lives over the past 9 months. Bobby Joe has a crush on our cat Lucy and regularly does his 'mating dance' when she is nearby. When not doing his mating dance, Bobby Joe is usually doing just this - sitting and watching us... sometimes he eats, sometimes he sleeps... mostly just sits.
Tyler introduces him like this: "This is my pet Bobby Joe! Hes a dragon, but dont worry he cant breath fire yet". Im not sure if he thinks Bobby Joe will at some point be able to breath fire or not, but thankfully, for now, our dragon is fireless.

Happy Saturday!


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