Meet Tyler.

This picture about sums up our youngest.

Tyler is our little nerd - the child absorbs every bit of information you throw at him, accurate or not. Last summer, as an experiment, I taught him the alphabet in a totally random order (which was doubly hard because I had to first LEARN it in said order), and I also taught him the noble gases (yes - his mommas a nerd too.). Much to our surprise he actually REMEMBERED all this, and was more than happy to regale anyone who would listen.

Sadly daycare put a quick and brutal end to the mixed up ABC's and he now knows the 'right way'... but he does still know his noble gases, and where stars come from, and why the moon doesnt fall into the earth, and where the sun goes when it goes down (for the record he resents China for taking his sunlight at night).

He also spent the better part of his hair cut last week explaining in great detail to the hairdresser, what exactly all the different blood cells were called (white, red and platelettes) and what they do.... To say she was impressed is an understatement. Word travels fast in our little town and we now have random folks stopping us at the post office and asking Tyler to tell them what their white blood cells are for.

Dont even think about asking him where his food goes when he eats it...

And as the above picture demonstrates - when Tyler is not sitting asking questions like "mom what does respect mean?" he is busy running. Running upstairs, downstairs, around the house, through the yard, to the van, from the van, around his room, through my room, into and out of the bathroom, up onto the counters, back into the yard, and well, you get the idea... he has more energy than I can even phathom.

When not nerding it up or running, Tyler is usually found in dads shadow. This summer (at least according to him) he helped Dave build our deck. More accurately I think he yammered on and on about what 'galvanized' means and why they galvanize things to dad while dad tried desperately to escape into his mug of coffee - but Im sure Tyler will grow up comfortable in his knowledge that he helped build our deck.

Lastly - I would be remiss to leave out Tylers love for anything creepy, crawly, gross, or alive in any manner of the word. He can spend hours digging in the dirt for the promise that there are indeed earthworms down there. He dutifully helps fill the compost bin because he knows in his heart hes feeding his worms. He loves his pet Dragon Bobby Joe (Bearded Dragon - very cool), and his cat Lucy, and he lives for anything that crawls, creems, slithers or slides across the floor.

Thats our little boy...

Stay tuned - next up I will introduce you to Brandon!


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