Well due to popular demand I have a video of Brandon on the move...

Again - were all pretty thrilled over here!!

Not to be outdone, Tyler decided he wanted a video up too.... Here he is singing his speckled frog song...

Now take that minute long clip... multiply it by ALL DAY LONG... and people wonder why im so tired by the time this boy goes to bed! :)

Seriously though - he is quite the entertainer!


  1. Way to go Brandon!! It is so great to see him walking. I also loved hearing Tyler cheering him on in the background...what a sweet little brother!

    Okay, Tyler reminds me so much of my oldest...boundless energy! Always jumping or talking or moving!! Always. So dang adorable!


  2. Love this. All of it! Nena


  3. Adorable!! I love Tyler cheering him on!! How cute!!


  4. Oh Keely,
    How wonderful. Thank you for sharing Brandon's triumphant steps. It was moving to hear his cheering section : ) I'm so happy Brandon's latest treatment is paying off with such amazing results. Oh ya and the specked frog song was pretty awesome to. What incredible balance Tyler has -I can't believe he didn't get dizzy and fall over!
    I really enjoyed reading all your entries. The love affair between Bobby Joe and Lucy was definitely a highlight. I am totally looking forward to all your future stories, pictures and videos. Thanks for sharing your life with me.


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