No pictures today.

Brandon woke up miserable, had a few tantrums and promptly threw up the 2 bites he managed to eat of his breakfast.

He's been on continuous slow tube feeds of a juice/milk/water/fruit blend all day just to keep some calories and fluids going in the hopes that this is mild and short lived and we can avoid an admission.

So far he's kept it all down but he has a habit of doing so until just after he falls asleep then throwing up shocking amounts... he's settling into bed now, so we will see how the night goes.

Hope Hope Hoping we dont end up inpatient.

It's been a LONG day... when he's unwell he gets very very demanding so we generally dont go more than 2-3 minutes at a time without him asking for something, crying for something, whining, or yelling at us... its completely mentally exhausting.

And to top it off the neverending threat of having to make a late night run to the ER means we dont get to have a glass of wine after they go to bed to unwind... since we may need to drive. (and those of you who know me, know that 1 glass of wine and I am well beyond 'driving' form...)

so they are both settling in for the night, my house is clean, and I am washing clothes and packing a hospital bag just in case.

About to settle in with some juice, natchos, and some friday night television.

wish us luck.


  1. oh man, i really really hope he does ok tonight and wakes up better in the morning (hug)


  2. OH no, Sorry to hear Brandon isnt feeling well, I hope he's keeping those fluids down. The slow drip usually gets us through! Sending you hugs and prayers tonight girl--Heidi & Jack


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