Well on Wedensday we got word that Dave had to go up north to work for a few days, so we all packed up and came to the city on Thursday, planning to stay until Sunday evening and then coming home as Dave was to be home that evening.

As it always go down with the north, plans changed, Dave wound up at a fly in lodge working for Sunday morning then the weather changed, and he couldnt fly out, so there he sits, waiting for the clouds to lift.

Thankfully were used to this scenario and hadnt 'planned' on him actually making it home the day he was supposed to (in 5 years of doing this i dont think he ever has come home on his intended flight).

So the boys and I are sticking around the city for a few more days. their enjoying themselves regardless, and my parents are loving the extra 'baby time' they get on account of it... at least I hope their enjoying it... if not then 'my parents are ready to pull their hair out' would be a better description.


Yesterday we were able to attend a CFL football game curtosy of tickets donated to a local childrens charity - they called me last week and offered me wheelchair accessible tickets to the game. I got 4 as Brandon LOVES the football games, and I figured I'd take Brandon, my nanny/cousin, and my nefew who also loves football and have a fun afternoon at the stadium.

Well we went to pick up the tickets at the stadium, and found out they were actually ROW 1... im not exaggerating when i say we were 3.5 feet away from the turf... it was absolutely amazing... we all sat down and just looked around in complete shock... Our team lost, but from Row 1 a loss is still an amazing game... it was just amazing. The cheerleaders (Brandons favorite) came by and fawned over Brandon... the mascot came by and played with him, even a few players came over and gave him a high five... it was fantastic. he's still glowing.

It was a great day - one of the rare times when were able to forget all the medical crap and feel 'normalish' for a little while.

Pictures to follow once im back at my own computer!



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