Not much new - we are tinkering with my pain meds and nausea meds to try and find a decent balance that will allow me to go hom comfortably.

Im currently getting Dilauded (Hydromorph - a purified form of morphine) every 2 hours but since that isn't terribly great to keep up at home we decided that we will try a fentanol patch on Monday - the patch will give me continuous narcotics and I will take the hydromorph as a 'breakthrough' pain med when the pain is bad enough that the patch doesn't cover it.

Lots of drug juggling but we are getting to a point where we have a good balance.

Similar deal with the nausea meds - I am now on 3 different nausea medications (all IV) and was still getting nauseas so we played around with my oral meds and changed them to IV to see if that helps the nausea - it's really just a game of 'how can we keep me comfortable and functioning until I get to Mayo in January' - making sure my Christmas is as comfortable and pain free as possible.

Which sounds like a good deal to me.

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed wiht all the medicine, and hate to be on it all (especially since I was off everything in August... :( ) but at the same time i know I need it.

So life goes on.

The C. Diff treatment is going well and it appears Im recovering. I can have visitors without precautions on Monday it looks like. So that's fantstic!

It looks like I'll likely need another blood transfusion this week as my hemoglobin is dropping pretty quickly. This is (in a twisted way) good news as it means my immune suppressant is doing it's job - we just have to hope that it's killing off the bad cells along with the good ones. We will know in good time!

Well I'm typing this with my eyes closed now - the IV gravol I just got has officially made 8:30pm bed time for this Saturday night!

Thanks for checking,



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