Yesterday afternoon I tested positive for Colostridium Difficile (C. Diff). It's a hospital aquired infection that people can get when they are on antibiotics, or are immune suppressed - I am both.

It's a nasty one.

It's also one that earns you isolation and means I cannot be around Brandon, or anyone who cares for him - so no visits home, and no family visiting me here.

It's treatable, they caught it early, and I am on the anitbiotics to treat it and they *seem* to be working so far (the docs say not to get too excited yet - because I'm immune suppressed it's still anybodies game for a few days yet). But I still have to keep my distance from family until next week.

So just another stroke of bad luck to throw onto the pile.

Thankfully (in a wierd twisted way) my roomate is presumed to have C. Diff as well as she is symptomatic - while unfortunate for her, it means they will not isolate me in a single room, and split us up. At this point the only thing keeping either of us sane is the fact that we have eachother - we get along fantastically, we spend our days visiting, joking, knitting and watching movies... splitting us up at this time would be a nightmare for both of us.

So at this point both of us are in 'lockdown' - any docs or nurses coming into our room have to wear gloves and gowns, and we are not allowed to leave our room without gowns and gloves.

It's a good arrangement and we are very thankful that we don't need to be split up. I would go nuts in a single room all alone. :(

Well thats today.


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