Here's how the last few days have played out:


1. Got my official training dates of Mon and Tues (20th and 21st) and noise was made of a Tues or Wed discharge (just in time for Christmas!).

2. Got moved to a new room that was in a better part of the ward, has a better view and was nice and quiet.

3. Found out I won a $2500 technology scholarship from school to purchase a laptop so I can continue my schoolwork while in hospital.

Overall Wednesday was awesome!

Thursday (aka - reality check):

1. Found out everyone who suggested I might go home next week did not know what they were talking about and the supplies and such needed for me to go home will not be delivered until *maybe* the 29th of Dec but with the holidays, most likely not until the 6th of January. Until then I sit in this hospital and wait.

2. My gut has launched into a seriously painful stage of 'who knows what's wrong now' and I spent most of the day hawking narcotics that still barely worked. Today we have to figure that out.

3. at 10pm I spiked a fever that earned me a full workup (blood cultures, labs, urine, etc etc. The fever kept up all night and I still feel like garbage this morning.

4. I developed what looks like a skin infection on my ankle last night that they are going to drain this AM and is hopefully the source of the fever (though that's doubtful).

Amazing how quickly things can go from 'awesome' to 'are you kidding me??'.

So for those of you that pray/hope/request from the big cahoona... anything would be appreciated at this point. Specifically this fever needs to go away so I can go home and see my family on a pass this week. And they need to figure out a way to get me out of here before Jan 6th as the whole 'nobody in our family has a job right now' thing is becoming problematic (while we have had terrific support from family and friends, it's still doesn't replace a full time income), and until I'm home nothing on that front can change. (and even once I'm home we still have a whole host of issues to sort out before my other half can actually go to work outside the home again.)

So yea - a teensy bit of stress/frustration/sadness here.

Trying to wrap our heads around me being in hospital for Christmas as that is apparently going to be the case (though I should get a pass for Christmas Eve and Day so I can spend them with my family at least).

Going to attempt to squeeze a whole seasons worth of traditions into a few day passes this weekend.

And on the bright side I think I will go computer shopping on Saturday after we drop the kids off at my parents house for the night! Nothing like a new toy to brighten up a crappy week.


  1. I'm so sorry it appears you will be inpatient Christmas. Praying your gut problems and fever are resolved TODAY and you can get sprung before January 6th.

    Cheryl and Bricen

  2. Ugh. So sorry to read all that. Hang in there and keep the faith and yes....a new toy will do you some good!


  3. Oh Geesh, Keely! New laptop rocks! We use them for virtual school -LOVE it! Hope the docs can figure out the rest - oh my.

    Need anything for boys?

    Kelly L

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