I'll try to make this brief but informative.

1. I started my home TPN training yesterday and it is going great!
2. If training continues to go well I *MIGHT* (saying this sooo quietly) be discharged on Friday!
3. This weekend my doc gave me 'NPO' order - no food or drink by mouth. with the exception of lifesavers and jolly ranchers. This has resulted in 2 distinct things:

~ My symptoms (bloating (as in 'hey lady the maternity ward is 2 floors down' level bloating), pain and nausea) are improving.
~ I am turning into more of a food-crazed zombie than I was before. I've reached the point where the idea of a platter of raw onions and mushrooms (the 2 foods I despise the most) sounds positively mouthwatering. In spite of the simplicity of the concept (don't eat or drink... easy enough) this is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do... It is very very very hard to refuse myself food or drinks... it gets to the point that all I can think about is food. It makes me very sad to think that I may never be able to eat or drink again... While I am glad they have ways to keep me nourished and functional without my having to eat/get sick... I did not anticipate the sheer difficulty of refusing a body (however broken) of the joy of eating. I am able to suck on lifesavers and jolly ranchers at this point without too much trouble (though I think I may have reached even their limit today as I've been pretty sick tonight... apparently 'a few hard candies' does not mean 'go buy out the drug store downstairs of lifesavers and eat all 145 of them within 3 hours'. They could have mentioned that.

4. The boys Christmas concert was last night and thanks to some serious logistical fenangling I was able to make it and it was fantastic... Brandon had a blast on stage, and Tyler, our free spirit, was dancing up a storm (while everyone else stood stalk still... ) twirling and ducking and swinging his arms in the air.... cutest. thing. ever. That boy has no fear, and is completely at ease with himself... I find myself seriously considering homeschooling him next year because I loath the idea that he would have that spirit stifled by the harsh realities of elementary school social life. :(

5. I recieved a scholarship last week. Based on academic merit, and financial need, I was given a bursary to purchase a Macbook laptop that I had quoted and applied for back in the fall - it's a technology grant for students with disabilities, my case being that I need a laptop in order to continue my schoolwork while I am inpatient since this looks to be a semi-regular occurance in my future. I had pretty much forgotten about it as it had been so long since I had applied and then it arrived! So this weekend I picked up a brand new MacBook Pro and I am absolutely in love with it!!! (And the high speed internet signal it can pick up from the hot spot downstairs!)

I think that's most of the big news... so much for short...

Thanks for checking!



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