The boys are doing great.

Enough about them.

I'm on the job hunt. I am 3 courses away from graduating university - since the 3 year bachelor of arts degree I will be getting has taken me 10 years thus far, I anticipate my graduation to be sometime around 2013.

In the meantime I have discovered that one cannot actually pay their mortgage with smiles, and no matter how much my kids like bologna, eventually even they tire of eating it.

So I'm on the hunt for employment.

Here's the dilemma: Tyler starts kindergarden, and for this year it is on Day 1, 3 and 5 of a rotating 6 day school schedule. Now who the hell decided on a rotating 6 day school schedule? I think school administrators are just looking for ways to skrew with parents now.

Add to that the fact that I get IVIG treatments every 2nd tuesday and spend the next 3 days feeling about as chipper as a drugged up sloth with the flu.

So... my availability for September is as follows: the first Monday and Wednesday (or 'Wodensday' if you prefer to give the old Norse God and Wednesday's namesake it's due credit) of the month, the third Wednesday of the month, and *maybe* the last Friday.

I'm not thinking my potential employers will leap at that...

So the job hunt continues. I've been hounding a few newspaper editors hoping one of them will mistake me for an actual writer with some actual talent, or maybe just pity me enough to throw money at me for writing jibberish.
Not sure how well that retirement plan will work.

In the meantime I am considering selling a kidney. Though Im not sure many people would want it. I'm sure it's a lovely shade of pink.... would go well on a mantle? Im dissapointed that ebay explicitly states in its terms of use that selling body parts or organs is forbidden... not sure how else to break into that market.

Well - time to stop rambling - off to try my hand at the loom.



  1. Hi Keely,
    You definitely have a creative challenge, but you are the kind of person that will most assuredly find a creative answer ! When the twins were four ,I wanted a part time job outside the home, but daycare would have cost me more than I made. So, I went to work at a daycare, and they came to work with me while I got a discount on my childcare. ( Some places may offer free tuition for employees children. ) Given your work availability, you could look at substitute teaching or something like that, that offers flexibility. You are creative in art, you could offer art lessons at preschools, or sub at the boys school, etc. You are well versed in the world of special needs. Hope you find the answer, best to you. Blessings, Joni Holycross


  2. Thanks for keeping us updating on what's new with you guys, I haven't seen you around in awhile! :)

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that something perfect will pop up in terms of employment!


  3. good luck on the job hunt!


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