Well time has managed to once again slip away on me.

The boys are happily at school.

Tyler went off to his first day of kindergarden professing excitement at finally being able to learn about nuclear physics.

Brandon asked me to program 'Carla (his school worker) is a big bug' into his communication device.

The boys are doing fantastic.

I am falling apart again, and at this point skirting another hospital admission on account of a relapse of the autoimmune stuff, but hoping to continue skirting it and levelling off soon. Time will tell.

It's always time that is the deciding factor.

Keeping on keeping on.


  1. Keely, I am happy to hear that the boys are doing well and loving school. I hope you feel better soon and are able to avoid a hospital admission. Much Hugs!


  2. Keely, I love what Brandon wanted programed...what did Carla say when he pushed it? LOL

    Praying that you start feeling better soon. HUGS!!!!



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