Today we went to the beach.

Today we ate sandwitches with real sand in them, and didn't mind.

Today we put a lifejacket on Tyler and let him splash and play and chase his cousin Charlie in the water for 2 full hours.

Today we helped Brandon bury his teenage cousin and shaped the sand into a mermaid (thanks Kyle!).

Today I cleaned a full inch of sand out of the bottom of my bathtub at the end of the day.

Today we put 2 very tuckered little boys to bed.

Today we all got a little darker skin, and a little sunnier dispositions.

Tonight we went for a walk past the house that was burnt in the deadly fire up the street on Friday.

Tonight we washed some of the firefighter gear dad wore to the fire Friday morning.

Tonight we are goign to bed comfortable that we double checked all our smoke detectors.

Tonight we're counting our blessings, and are thankful everyone under our roof will be safe in bed for one more night.

Tonight we're feeling lucky, and remembering that EVERYTHING can change in an instant.

Looking forward to more todays (and hopefully no more Fridays).



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