Everyone is healthy.

Everyone is doing well.

Everyone is adjusting to the endless swarm of mosquitos.

As for the rest, I'll let the pictures do the talking!

Mr. Drama himself.... apparently the slide is not so easy to go down when you're in wet shorts...

Cannon Ball!

More showing off...

Brandon too enjoyed the pool very much...

I swear this boy has a million expressions...

Pensive moment (actually he was looking at a bug he had just captured...)

Brandon's cannonball!


  1. LOVE these. I wanna jump in too!

    Nena and Reese

  2. Must be awesome to be able to write those words! We're very happy to read them.


  3. Love your pics. Looks like a great time! Just letting you know that I have awarded you with the Blog With Substance Award. :) Check my blog out (www.cheesechalkandcp.blogspot.com) for details. :)


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