Well it's been an odd week.

Brandon has refused to go to school all week. He insists his chest and throat hurt, though he's usually smiling happily when he tells us this.

On day 1 we thought he was just trying to weasel out of school so the deal was if he didnt go to school, he had to go to bed all day.

Anyone that knows Brandon, knows that laying in bed all day is NOT in his nature.

He chose bed. and stayed there. all day.
And all wedensday. And yesterday. and is back there today.

He is no longer there by a house rule, but is there by choice. He gets up, eats breakfast, signs 'bed' and head to his room.

He lies in bed watching movies, reading books, watching his ipod... he is COMPLETELY happy... even got a serious case of hte giggle last night...

he's napping in teh afternoons, sleeping alot at night...

He's beat.

We saw the pediatrician on Wed, he checked out 'ok' and they tested him for mono which was negative.
Yesterday we went back to the hospital for metabolic bloodwork as something is obviously just not right.
That bloodwork has almost all come back normal - were waiting on one last test, but i dont expect it to be abnormal.

At this point the theory is its a virus that just knocked the stuffing out of him.

We are all on edge of course, and hoping to get our boy back soon.


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