Much of our days are spent outdoors this time of year. The long winters make for 'yard junkies' come summer.
Since we were fortunate enough to luck into a massive yard, we have spent the better part of 2 years getting it established as our 'paradise'. The end result is a very blurry line between 'outside' and 'inside' come the warm months... most of our meals happen on our deck (bringing me one step closer to my ultimate dream of a 'hose-down kitchen')... the boys live in their play structure and pool... and they have no concept that the gravel driveway is for anything more than the exclusive use of their tonka trucks.

The other aspect that the boys are fully involved in is our garden.

It spans the entire yard - we have a large 15'X15' plot in the corner of the front yard with rows of potatoes, squash, onions, beans and the like. We have pots... everywhere... pots on the steps, pots on the deck, pots on the walkway, pots in the driveway, in the greenhouse... pots of Tomatoes, peas, tomatos, beans, tomatos, squash, cucumbers, more tomatos, flowers, roses, and (you guessed it) tomatos... did I mention the tomatos?

The neighbors have jokingly called us the tomato ranchers... between what we planted, and the seedlings we 'adopted' from our neighbors who ran out of room, we have over 20 tomato plants.

The boys both helped prepare the plot and the pots, plant the seeds, transplant the seedlings, pull the weeds, and are now getting into helping pick the potatos and beans and onions that have been ripening (a tast made MUCH more appealing when they realised that the garden is FULL of worms, slugs, centipedes and spiders)! Eating food you have grown yourself is such a treat!

Our days are spent wandering from the house to the deck to the pool...
The boys have found many different ways to put their 9$ wal mart special blow-up pool to good use..
Though I had to break it to Tyler that no, we cannot stock it with trout... He understood though - he did afterall point out that the fishooks would pop the pool anyways.
Regardless - troutless as it is - they enjoy it just the same. Today the water ended up black with mud...

I would be remiss to point out that mom too loves the yard. While I don't necessarily get too gung ho about the pool (though that may change since I've discovered Tamara's blog and her families fantastic use of their small pool I'm sure laps lie in our future too), there is a simple, carefree bliss that goes with sitting on the deck, in a patch of shade, with a good book and a glass of orange juice.

Life continues to be good.



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