Every now and then they sneak up on us...

Days where the lines between this bizarre, challenging, scary, yet delightfully unique life we are leading and that universally percieved 'normal' it always seems everyone else is leading blurs.

A day where all the 'scary' of Brandon's disease fades into the background, and from the moment we wake up to the time we settle the boys into bed, everything seems perfectly as it should be.

Today was such a day for us.

It was a day of lounging in the sunshine on the deck, playing in the grass, the inflatable pool, chasing the cat, capturing fishflies and dragonflies and slugs and worms. It was the dinner time BBQ with family, fights with cousins over who gets the toy sword and who gets the cap gun. It was music, and highway driving with the windows down, counting motorbikes on the way. It was wandering out in the water as far as we dared at the beach, sand in our shoes, scrapes and bruises. It was heat (oh the heat!), beach umbrellas, cherry freezies, and tonka trucks in the mud.
It was quiet time at the table with crayons, and 'loud time' downstairs with the aforementioned cousins. It was fresh muffins and apple juice in bed, settled in for 'movie night'...

From start to finish, it was all just so 'normal'.

We get so little 'normal' that when it sneaks up on us, it's such a treat.

Wishing you and yours many Ordinary Days of your own. May you recognize and enjoy them when they come.



  1. Oh, how I love those perfectly ordinary days! Thanks for the smile today. I felt like I was right there experiencing your day with you. :)


  2. We too value the ordinary. When I look at the lives of my friends around me, I sometimes wonder if they realize what a gift they have, and do the cherish it ? It's hard for me to hear someone complain about a boring life. Glad that for at least one day, you felt ordinary. I pray you have many more to come.
    Joni H.


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