Well today wasnt unexpected.

I went in for my IVIG treatment, and cardio appt, knowing that things have progressively worsened the past few weeks. I've just felt lousier and lousier every few days.

Cardio took one look at my numbers (BP, heart rate, etc) and considers this a 'relapse' of the AAG.

I start the IVIG regimen on Day 1 today - high dose IVIG every day this week, followed by a more intense regular schedule after (probably every 10 days or so) until October.

It's goign to be a long week, and a long summer.

The good news is - we know whats wrong, we know how to fix it, and in a week I should start feeling noticably better.

Those are pretty big 'glass half full' things.

To set the tone for the day, I was just looking out my front window at my nice green lawn COMPLETLEY covered in dandilion 'puffs' (they have all gone to seed), thinking how gross it looked, and Tyler stood beside me and announced "wow mom, we have a whole yard full of 'wish blossoms'! Thats alot of wishes to come true!"

Thats my boy.


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