Well that about sums up Tyler...

We saw the pediatrician today - jury's still out - he's still spiking very high fevers (103-104), and still coughing aLOT... chest sounds clear to the doc so thats good - at this point were down to 2 possibilities. One: he has a sinus infection. Two: It is just a HORRID virus that is hanging around for a very very long time. (hes had fevers off and on for 2 weeks now).

Surprisingly, were hoping for sinus infection. If it is, then we can assume it was kicked off by a milder cold - which means odds are good that Brandon will only deal with a milder cold.
If however, this is a virus... and I mean the worst/longest virus weve seen Tyler ever get... then were in it for the long haul with Brandon - he cannot handle fevers this high for more than a day - this will very likely land him inpatient for a while.

So were all hoping for a sinus infection.

Doc ordered a CBC, and CRP (tests for inflammation) and figures if it is a sinus infection, and he's had it this long, it will show some changes in these 2 tests. So we wait.

We should get the results tommorrow.

As of right now he is cooking away at 103 in bed. And Brandon has started to cough.



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