Well I've concluded that the reason we have been home from disney for nearly 2 months and I have yet to put any pictures up is because the idea of summing up our week in one blog post is altogether overwhelming... So I propose a comprimise:

For the next few weeks, I will pop on regularily and post 1 or 2 pictures, and an accompanying story to go with them. I figure by the end of February I will have successfully shared most of the trip AND made most of the (8 maybe 9?) readers of this blog sufficiently sick to death of Disney.

First a quick backstory: Brandon was told at 3 years old that he qualified for a "wish" from Make a Wish Canada. We have spent 4 years talking to him, tossing ideas around, and figuring out what his 'wish' would be.
At 3 years old he wished to see a rocket.
we thought about a rocket play structure, toy rockets, the space centre in Houston, and finally last year settled on the Kennedy Space Centre, as we could make it an all encompassing Disney vacation/Rocket wish.

And so it was.

So for the pictures:

A rocket of course... we spent a full day at the Kennedy Space Centre (after getting up at the crack of dawn, packing up 2 VERY excited children, 3 VERY tired grown ups, and drove for 2 hours on 'toll highways' (wow) to get there), and it was easily the highlight of the trip for Brandon... a perfect 'first outing' for the week and absolutely wish fulfilling.

Tyler - standing beneath the shuttle... these suckers are big.

The obligatory "family portrait in front of a rocket" picture.... cause everyone has one right?

And I'll wrap up with one from around the Village (we stayed at "Give Kids The World Village" - a place exclusively for Wish families - its phenomenal - we had a 2 bedroom, fully equipped HOUSE to stay in, a minivan provided, the village has everything you could dream of (including a resturaunt that serves only ice cream all day long)... there will be 'village pictures' every day...

Tylers "Bedtime Snack".... yea... parents have no say at this place. :)

Magical only begins to describe the week.

More to come!



  1. Great idea, i like the compromise. I ca gurentee *this* reader wont be sick of it by the end of feb. I love seeing and hearing about your kiddos, they are a riot.

    With tylers knowlege about black holes and everything, i bet they both had a blast.

    Love the pictures! Those suckers really are huge!


  2. Hello I have been reading the forums on parent-2-parent for about a month and everytime I try to register it respone: I can not at this time. I was worried if you could email me directly. My son is almost 4 and has mito. We found out about a month ago.We are still doing more test We are going to Cleveland in April. Your pictures are great. It looks like you guys had a blast. My email jamie@ah-az.com.Thank you for any help.


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