Alright - for the second installation of the Disney photo blitz...

Today I'll talk a little about Give Kids the World... for any of you readers who have children with serious medical problems, please consider applying for a wish for your child... it is not just a disney trip... it is THE disney trip... the disney trip money simply cannot buy... it was absolutely amazing.

The Village is a community - literally - its about 5 square blocks worth of magic... there are over 200 'villas' - duplexes, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large living room, kitchen, dining area, driveway, laundry, the works... VERY cool... we fit the 2 kids and 3 adults comfortably with room to spare. There is several resturaunt options (Boston Market, The Gingerbread House (sponsored by Perkins, and excellent buffet style food at every meal!), Pizza Delivery in the evening (possibly some of the best pizza ive had at that), and the ice cream shop which serves (you guessed it) ice cream all day long... They even have a nifty golf cart that brings you breakfast if you ask them to! Once through the village doors, you pay for NOTHING... simply amazing.

Characters make visits to the village, so you dont need to stand in the lineups at the parks... every evening there are activities, and people visiting with all sorts of surprises (I held an armadillo... possibly MY highlight of the trip...)... its just amazing.

Theres a playground there that might put all other playgrounds to shame... its full accessible, and just all around awesome.

theres a train that drives you all over the village...

just wow.

So with no further ado:

Our villa!

Dad and Tyler at the playground...

Tyler in the playground

And lastly: Brandon, showing off the playground, AND his newly aquired walking skills!!!

It truly was a magical place... in part because of the common ground - every other family who was there 'got it'.. there was no need to explain why Brandon wouldnt talk to them, or why he was in a chair... there was no questions, or leery stares... no children who were too scared to talk to him... every single person there, just - got it.

That alone was priceless. Families like ours very quickly get used to being 'that' family... when were out, people stare. kids stare. parents get that 'aww - poor thing' look in their eyes. Whether its intentional or not, we end up feeling segregated. its inevitable.
But to spend a week where we were literally, just another family in the fray... where the questions people asked were 'how old is he?' or 'what grade is he in?' and not 'whats wrong with him?'.... that alone was priceless.

Up next... Disney!!


  1. I'm so excited to hear about your Disney trip!!! Loving the pics!!

    Kim and Asa

  2. Sonovagun!! We were practically neighbours - we were in 177 when we went.


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