Well its been a while since I updated, and as usual, no news is great news - the boys are doing fantastic on the health front, and we have had a wonderful holiday!

Brandons wish trip was amazing - were still reeling from it - and that will be a post for another day, with lots of pictures.

Since getting back we have enjoyed a great Christmas, both boys had a blast, we had lots of family time, lots of visiting, and lots of friends - it was really just as good as we could hope for. A far far cry from last years Christmas in the hospital.

We got a new toy this month:

Brandon trying it out with Dad

Tyler trying it out with Dad

We love it! :)

and I end with the outtakes from our most recent 'photo shoot'... the boys got matching PJ's for Christmas and the result was this:

On that note - have a great week!


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