A much more in depth update to follow in the next few days - but suffice to say were home - the week was phenomenal, and its going to take alot of deprogramming to convince my children that we cannot continue to have ice cream for breakfast, go to amazing theme parks every day, and no, people wont randomly arrive at our home with exotic animals for us to hold, touch, and play with every evening.

Some particularily memorable moments:

Tyler announced that his Goofy is his 'Favorite Disney Predator'

Brandon got to feed and pet the dolphins which was amazing

Mom got to hold an armadillo (their warm - i always imagined them as cold)

Dad got a hug from the Grinch

as we were waiting in the secure area of the Orlando Airport, Tyler amused himself by randomly screaming 'Its a good day to die!!" (quoting the hamster off the movie Bolt - complete with the grunting voice and screwed up face)... against the backdrop of the Homeland Security Threat Level announcements it made for an amusing few hours.... thankfully the men in black did not consider us a terrorist threat and didn't ambush us in the waiting area. Though after 6 hours of burning time waiting for our plane we may well have happily handed Tyler over.

To wrap up a magical, exhausting, fun filled trip, as we were driving home from the airport, on the highway, at 12:45am, immidately in front of us, while we were all looking out the front window, a 'fireball' meteorite flew across the sky, leaving a huge, glowing green trail in its path that hung around for a little bit... It was a fitting end to Brandon's "wish trip".

Now were home, unpacked, and trying to regroup.

Oh and just for kicks, while we wandered Universal Studios 3 days ago it was 38C (100F) out and sunny.... Today, at home, it is dropping to a forcast -48C (-54F) with the windchill.

Welcome home indeed. :)

Pictures soon I promise


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