Well as always, my lack of updates is good news.

The boys are doing fabulously right now (knock on wood!!).

Brandon has had a very good run these past few months and we couldn't even tell you why - in February he had his feeding tube placed which we know has a HUGE hand in his stability - he is getting extra calories and fluids every day and has finally started gaining weight, and has weathered 3 illnesses at home that would otherwise have certainly landed him in hospital - so we know that the tube plays a part in his overall health.
In March he started Siniment - a parkinsons medication - and we know that has had phenomenal affects on his coordination and movement, and since starting it he has started walking, and is able to eat normal table food again without choking, so that's certainly playing a part.
In July he started on 2 new suppliments (creatine and alpha lipoic acid) that are known to improve mitochondrial function, so those certainly may be playing into it...

All I know is I have not had to sleep on a hospital flip out seat since July and we could not be happier about it.

Tyler is doing great as well - asking a million questions and giving us the awesome chance to also experience 'ordinary' when it comes to raising a child...
So as always - bumbling along - the boys are good, were good, life is good.

Pictures to come soon - I know I keep promising them - my thumb drive with all our disney photos was at my parents house all this time and is en route to our place as I type this - so expect photos in the next few days!


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