Well were off on our pilgrimage tommorrow...

We will be flying to Orlando and checking into Give Kids the World Village tommorrow evening... its a village near the Disney empire that is exclusively for children travelling on 'Wishes'.

Make a Wish Canada has been amazing - they arranged everything we could possibly dream of and we are certain this will be a trip of a lifetime for all of us...

The excitement here is over the top :)

Not much else going on so heres a few random pics to tie you over until we get back next week!

Tyler and dad were doctoring up Brandons wheelchair today in preparation for all the miles were sure to put on it this week:

And this one is completely random: Lucy our cat is creepy... the vast majority of her daytime hours are spent staring into this very closet - there is nothing in this closet beyond what the picture shows... clothes, boots, and the like...
Yet she stares... for hours... its rather unsettling.....

Until next time!!

(I will likely update from Florida but if i dont, expect a looong recap next week!!)


  1. Have an amazing trip! Thinking of you and sending many safe travels, have a heck of a trip vibes your way.

    Much love, Nena and Reese

    Nena and Reese

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