I read a quote a while ago in a book. It was along the lines of "is this how it happens? That we all go bumbling along stubbornly pretending that everything is normal until all of a sudden it isn't anymore". It's a quote that so resonates with me.
I find it fascinating how much we are able to 'normalize' in our mind, and how there inevitably comes a time where 'normal' is simply so far removed from your life that it is no longer relevant.

Today was decent. I am profoundly exhausted on account of the heart and blood pressure crapping out on me, so it was spent mostly in bed. Even sitting up at this point sends my heart rate over 160.
So today I wrote, and read and had some lovely visits with family that came by.

my heart hurts for my family as they bumble along without me and I'm helpless to do anything to help, but I know they will manage.

I miss my husband. Kids. Parents. I can't wait to get back to my life again.

Weekends in the hospital are very quiet and peaceful. Good to recoup. Monday will undoubtedly be a hard day with a line placement in the morning and plasmapheresis in the ICU in the afternoon (if the stars line up). So a few days of enforced rest are probably good.

Hoping for another restful day tomorrow.



  1. Thinking about you Keely, praying everything goes smoothly on Monday, BIG HUGS-
    Heidi & Jack.


  2. Heidi gave me your link. I'm so sorry for everything that is going with you! That must be very scary. i'll be thinking of you and I really hope you get better.


  3. Hi,I am Clara-Leigh, and I have been following your blog some but just moved so haven't been following much besides boxes of stuff and the kiddos. Wow, I am so sorry you are stuck there in the hospital. I am THRILLED your kiddos are thriving...and while I see you celebrating that, I cannot IMAGINE how scared, frustrated and lonely you must feel. My family will be praying for healing and a speedy eviction from the hospital!!!! I am here if you ever need to chat.


  4. Keely, Just want to send hugs & prayers to you while you are in the hospital.....praying that you will feel better, and that this would all be under control, and you would be able to be home soon!
    Brandi Gioia

    Brandi Gioia p-2-p

  5. Keely, Praying you're feeling better soon and home with your precious boys.

    Cheryl and Bricen

  6. Keely... thinking about you and your family and praying. I really hope you feel better soon.


  7. So sorry to read that you are back inpatient. I hope Monday goes smoothly and you can begin to feel better again. Thinking of you and sendig tons of get well vibes.


    Kathryn M

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