Well the past few days were tough.

On Tuesday I had a 'transgastric jujenal feeding tube' placed - basically they threaded a tube through a hole in my abdomen, into my stomach, then down my intestines quite a ways. By pumping formula into the tube we bypass the stomach and the first part of my intestines - neither of which works well.

Surgery went well, and Wednesday was actually a half decent day.

Wednesday evening we started pumping a formula that is very broken down (semi-elemental - for people with allergies or compromised gut function - just makes it easier to absorb) at a very slow rate (2tsp an hour).

Unfortunately yesterday was a baad day. The pain from the surgery was at it's peak, and I was on a lot of morphine all day long and it was barely doing the job.

Thankfully today went MUCH better, and I have been slowly tapering the frequency of the morphine doses, and the pain level is much better.

This afternoon I hit my 'goal' rate for the formula - 45ml/hour - and I no longer need TPN at this point so long as I continue to tolerate the tube feeding.

Since I dont need the TPN at this point and so far thigns are going well they let me come home on a pass tonite until Sunday morning!!!

I have to go back for labs on Sunday but if all is well I can go home sunday night again, and go back to the hospital Monday morning... :) If the stars line up I may be looking at a discharge Monday afternoon!

I am SO happy to be at home - the boys were so happy to see me (and I them), and snuggle and read stories...
I am getting ready to sleep in my own bed.. in a quiet room.. wihtout a sleepless roomate or nurses checking vitals all night, or alarms or chatter in the hall...

simple joys :)

Im still on morphine, but hte pain is improving, and so long as it continues to do so I will be able to stay home.

Here's hoping :)



  1. I'm so glad to hear that the tube is working & helping ~ Yay for being off TPN! How wonderful that you got to go home on a pass & I hope the good news continues with you being discharged on Monday. You've kept us all very worried, y'know. Many hugs to you & your boys!! Sleep wonderfully well!!



  2. I am praying for continued healing and lots of warm snuggles and smiles AT HOME!!!!


  3. Oh Yeah - day pass and prospect of going home soon!!!! Not to mention real sleep ;-)


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