I wanted to share quickly my cousins blog adress.


Karli is my young, amazing, brave, awesome cousin who just returned to South Africa for the second year to volunteer at an orphanage. (after months of coming here and helping us with the boys and my hospital admission etc

She is amazing, her stories are amazing, what she is doing is amazing, and I'm excited to read of her impending adventures.

Karli you always inspire me to do better - to look around me, and do what I can to make the world a little bit better. At home or in Africa - you are doing your best to make this a better place in teh way your heart is telling you to. Thank you for being so awesome my friend!



  1. Wow...I am now following, what a great experience for Karli! So glad the steroid pulses are giving you some spark! I am waiting for Madalyn's to kick in. Grrr.

    Leave a Trail...

  2. Wonderful Karli! Hope you get direction soon on discontinuing the steriods. I understand the complications being on them too long. Praying new meds help and move you forward. Hugs and always prayers for you and your boys-
    Heidi & Jack.


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