We are enjoying the spring time here!

The boys are doing well, they both muddled through a spring cold fairly efficiently, and are busy making full use of our muddy yard.

The cat of course had to throw a wrench into things and got herself run over by a car... dislocated sternum, and lots of scrapes and bruises, and of course the requisite vet bill... but all in all she is bouncing back pretty well.

In light of the last few months of 'health crisis', we decided Dave needed a new job as his current position requires travel up north for the vast majority of the summer/fall, and we need him home.

So today is his last day of work with the lodges, and in 2 weeks he will start his new job as a supervisor... at this point that is all we really know about the job... it's a government position (woohoo! great benifits! how lame is it that the first thing I did was read up on their health benifits??), and he will indeed be supervising... beyond that it's a mystery...

But he's looking forward to it, I'm looking forward to having him home all summer... In our 7 years of marriage, this will be the first summer I have had him at home!

So thats about it at our end... pretty boring all things considered... we like boring!



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