Both boys are cool, happy, and playing today!
Brandon had a GREAT sleep last night - likely a combination of the antibiotics doing their thing, and the Cough Assist machine clearing out his chest before bed...
Tyler is completely back to himself, which is wonderful to see after 2.5 weeks of being sick!

Brandon is well on the way.

Unfortunately we have had to make the decision to pull Tyler out of daycare for the rest of the year. We kept him home from Sept-Feb hoping to avoid the worst of flu season. He does alright with the illnesses, but they are so so hard on Brandon that we just couldnt risk it.
Unfortunately he was only back at daycare for a week and a half and this last brutal bout of illness took hold. Its just too hard on Brandon.

Thankfully kindergarden will start in the fall and he will be in a less 'snotty' environment - its just impossible to avoid with daycare.

For now we will enjoy some newfound health, and happy kids.


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