Well the lack of updates are simply because there is not much to update.

I am still in the hospital, and the word on the street is I could be here for several weeks yet. Possibly for Christmas.

Apparently it takes a very long time to get home TPN/Hydration organized, and right now the department is going through staff changes, so the wait is even longer than normal.

Which means I sit here in the hospital. It's pretty uncool.

Dave is home with the boys, he's off work on leave because I'm sick, which helps with childcare alot.

I've decorated my room with Christmas decorations, figure I may as well settle in.

Trying to make the best of it.

They are letting me go home on day passes every couple days which really helps the morale...

At this point im really missing my boys though. visiting every few days doesn't quite hack it.

Health wise all is the same. I'm still waiting to get the date for Mayo Clinic - should get a date soon as the Manitoba Health funding approval came through this week. now we just need the date!

hurry up and wait.

Wel I'm off to bed now. Hoping tommorrow is productive?



  1. Glad the funding came though for the Mayo Clinic; hope you get an appointment QUICK!!!
    That stinks you may spend Xmas in hospital, but you amaze me with your positive attitude.

    Cheryl and Bricen

  2. No updates -hope all is ok!
    Excited to know when you are visiting!

    kelly L

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